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Welcome to Nationwide Realty Services, Inc. We are a full service real estate company offering a variety of programs to help you find and purchase a home, or listing programs to help you list and sell your home, and finally financing programs which help you purchase that home or even refinance a home you already own. We have real estate agents and loan officers positioned to help you throughout the country.

Home Purchasing Programs

Purchasing a home in today’s market can be a very trying experience. In many places it is a strong Seller’s Market. This makes it difficult to purchase a home as there may be multiple buyers offering to purchase the same property at the same time. We have buyer’s agents who will exclusively represent a prospective buyer and are able to use specialized financing programs to enhance their ability to buy a home. This practice makes it possible for a buyer to offer top dollar for that listing, yet have payments lower than the other buyers they are competing with for that home.

Home Listing Programs

We offer a variety of listing programs from full service and full commissions to very light service and very light commissions. If you’re selling a home in a Seller’s Market, one of our Discount Listing programs may work well for you because often it is just a matter of getting the home in Showing State, listing it in the MLS, and then negotiating the best offer received.

If your are selling a home in a Buyer’s Market it may make more sense to consider one of our Full Service Listing programs. Although you will pay a higher commission at the time of sale, you will at least sell your home. These programs offer additional marketing strategies and buyer incentives that actually increase the exposure to buyers, which increases the demand for your home, and thereby can reduce the marketing time of your home and even increase the eventual selling price you receive.

Home Financing Programs

As you will read throughout these pages, financing has become “King” of the real estate transaction. There is no better way to enhance a buyer’s ability to buy than by putting together a financing package that decreases the up front costs required to purchase a home and at the same time, lowering the monthly carrying cost of the home purchased. We have many highly experienced loan officers working for us who understand this concept and who are experts at finding and arranging just the right financing package to accomplish this goal.


Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a home or to refinance a home you already own, we have loan officers who are capable and ready to assist you. Please visit Our Agents listings or Our Loan Officers listings to locate an agent or loan officer near you.

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