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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Thank you for your interest in joining our team here at Nationwide Realty Services, Inc. We are currently looking for smart, energetic real estate agents in all 50 states who are willing to contribute their skills to a team of professionals dedicated to making the real estate process more effective for buyers and sellers alike. At the same time, we require that our affiliate agents realize that they can always learn something new about their profession, just as we do each and every day. Together, with your input, we will explore the many ways of using alternative financing packages to enhance a home buyer’s qualifications and/or increase the marketability of a seller’s home.

You must be willing to learn about and use a variety of government financing programs in your approach to working with home buyers and home sellers. You must be able to work with our team of loan officers who will guide you through the process of finding the home that qualifies for a specific program for which the buyer needs to qualify. You will find that this extra knowledge is very helpful to you in the transactions we work together and in all your other transactions as well.

This training and knowledge is given to you at no charge. There is no up front fee required for the clients we work with. When we find a prospective buyer or interested seller in your area we will contact you and discuss their needs with you. Together we will form a course of action that will satisfy our client’s real estate needs. We will then request that you follow-up with our clients as soon as possible to begin working on their real estate package. You can continue working for your current real estate broker in your current office. For this transaction, you will join our team of loan officers and real estate agents and together we will prepare a financing package best suited to the clients needs.

Thank You Again,

Wade B. Rupe,


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