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Our Fees

Nationwide Realty Services, Inc. is both a Mortgage Banker and a Mortgage Broker which not only increases the programs and services we can provide, but it also gives us great flexibility in our pricing policies. We typically charge an Origination Fee of 1% and a Processing Fee of about $395. However these fees can be paid with Lender Rebates so you may never have to directly pay us a fee.

Our fees are only collected at the Close of Escrow. Therefore if you apply for a loan but your transaction is cancelled for any reason, even if you simply change your mind, you will not be charged.

Other Financing Fees

There are other fees that will have to be paid for your real estate transactions. Basically these fees will be paid to the many companies and agencies that prepare documents for your loan. These companies may include Appraisers, Credit Reporting Agencies, Escrow Companies, Title Insurance Companies, Closing Attorneys, Home Owner’s Associations, Inspection Companies, Terminate Companies, and many more.

These fees vary greatly from region to region. We will give you an estimate of all the fees prior to entering into any transaction with you. In addition, all of these fees can usually be paid through Lender Rebates or a other means.

For more information on how to reduce or eliminate these costs, please fell free to Contact Us.

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