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Good News

This should be the easiest reading on our web site. Almost all of the time, the home seller pays us our commission and not you, the home buyer. Our loan officers will pre-qualify you at no charge. They will obtain a formal loan approval for you at no charge. Our real estate agents will assist you in identifying the best areas for you. They will give you a list of homes, set up appointments to show you those homes (inside and out), make recommendations as to which home may be the best buy and what repairs, if any, you may have to consider after your purchase; all this at no charge.

More Good News

When it comes time to negotiate with the seller, our agents will prepare the written offer to purchase and present it to the seller on your behalf. They will work with the seller and other agent (if there is one) to find a good compromise between your offer and the seller’s asking price. When you and the seller are satisfied with the compromises, we will make sure that the seller executes the necessary paperwork to commit the house to you. During this time, we will get the seller to agree to compensate us on your behalf.

Even More Good News

Finally, our agents will coordinate the transaction all the way to close of escrow . We will ensure all the necessary documents are executed and all the necessary inspections are accomplished in a timely manner. Just before close of escrow, we will walk through the home with you to inspect any repairs that were completed, and make sure that the seller has left the home in good condition. If there are any problems, we will work with the seller to fix them. We will not allow a close of escrow until you are satisfied. All this will be at no charge to you.

It’s All Good News

In summary, you get it all and usually with no charge to you.

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