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Our Home Buying Approach


Difficulties of Home Buying

Thank you for visiting Nationwide Realty Services approach to home buying. Purchasing a home in today’s real estate market can be a very trying experience. The high cost of homes in many areas of the nation makes it very difficult to find a home that is comfortably affordable. Large down payments, high closing costs, and very high monthly payments are just some of the obstacles that make it almost impossible to afford a home in a nice area. Asking the seller to lower the sales price by a few thousand dollars really does not help that much, even if you could find a seller to accommodate you.

Lowering the Sales Price

For example, assuming you needed a 10% down payment and based on today’s interest rates, lowering the sales price of a home by $5,000 will only lower your down payment by $500, it may not effect your closing costs by very much at all, and it will only lower your monthly payment by about $30. This does’t help most of us by that much and limits the homes we can buy because sellers just don’t want to walk away from that much money. The only homes that will be there for us are the ones no one else wants.

Using a Financing Package to Help

On the other hand, paying full price (or even over full price) for a home that has the right financing terms can make all the difference in the world. With the right home financing package in place, you may be able to purchase a much nicer home with No Money Down, No Closing Costs, and with A Lower Monthly Payment than you are currently paying in rent. Now that makes a difference for all of us. Home sellers get their price and you get a nicer home that is within your budget.

Financing is King

This is why we believe that “Financing is King”. The right financing package turns renters into buyers and listers into sellers. Our approach then is simply one of using all the resources we have developed over the past 15 years. These strategies include using Government Programs where available, using Tax Credits where available, using 100% Financing options, using Lender Rebates to pay some or all of your closing costs, using local Grants and Interest Free Loans where available, and just using our heads and taking our time to build the right financing package just for you.

It can be Very Complicated

Although this may sound simple, it is extremely complicated. That is why in all these years, we have found only a handful of competitors. What we do is the hardest thing to do in all of the real estate services. We generally get paid less than our competitors and have to work twice as hard to complete a transaction. The benefits to us are that we tend to develop very loyal clients who will come back to us time and again, we never seem to run into a market where we can’t be successful, our income may be moderate, but it is steady, and best of all is the feeling we get knowing we have helped someone purchase a home who probably had few other options open to them.

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