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Our Beginning

Welcome to Nationwide Realty Services, Inc. Our company was formed in August of 1990, in San Diego, California. We originally formed as “Nationwide Home Loans, Inc.” and specialized in government loan programs likeVA,FHA,FHLMC,FNMA, andCalVet. In the early 1990s we began participating in theCommunity Reinvestment Act (CRA) programs, which added additional incentives to these government loan programs for first time home buyers and low-income home buyers.

Special Financing Programs

These programs included theCalifornia and Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) or (CalHFA) programs, theMortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program, theCommunity Home Buyersprogram, theShared Equity program, and many more. Each of these programs involved restrictions as to a home buyer’s previous ownership status, income limitations, family size limitations, new or used home purchases, and area restrictions from as large an area as the entire country down to just a few block area as drawn on a map in some housing office in some city or county office.

A Difficult Task

Just mastering how these programs worked together and how our loan officers could blend several programs into a very detailed and specialized financing program based on a particular client was a task in itself. Adding to that, the task of educating outside real estate agents as to what areas were available for these clients, and exactly what kind of home they had to shop for made this endeavor totally unmanageable. It seemed that every client was different and each real estate agent had to be reeducated with each new client. It became evident that the only way we could work with these programs was to hire our own agents, give them detailed training in the financing programs, and work with the same agents over and over again.

Added Real Estate Agents to our Team

In early 1993, we began hiring our own in-house real estate agents for San Diego County. We expanded to four offices covering the San Diego and southern of Riverside County. We changed the name of our company to Nationwide Realty Services, Inc. During the next several years, more and more special programs became available. Today there are hundreds of such programs designed to help a variety of potential home buyers. spread throughout the country. Rather than bearing the expense of opening a real estate office in each city throughout the country, we discovered that it was more effective to contract out the sale or listing to anAffiliate Agent in an existing office. We still provide training to our agents, and use each agent exclusively based on their location; so working with these programs becomes more practical.

Our Offices

Our loan center is still located in San Diego and we are working to expand our ability to originate these programs throughout the country, until then, we will contract out the loan to a local lender schooled in these programs at a no cost service to our clients.

Programs Work for Sellers Too

At first view, it may seem that our services are geared toward home buyers. and not home sellers, but that is not the case. If you are selling a home located in a target area, which offers special financing, it is more saleable than other homes located in that area. In fact, the homes on one side of a street may qualify for additional financing incentives includingTax Credits orDown Payment Assistance, while those on the other side of the street may not. It is crucial that you, as a seller, make certain that the real estate agent you select to represent you has knowledge of these programs and the ability to increase your market share by advertising your house as one with special incentives. Even if your home is not in one of these target areas, we can show you how to create your ownFinancing Package that will make your home more attractive than your neighbor’s.


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